What is Web Hosting? Which web hosting is best for you

Before taking web hosting for website, you should know that what is web hosting? And how many types are there, which web hosting company would be right for you to take hosting.

You have thought about building your website. And now you want that you have a hosting company where you can maintain your website. But building a website is not a big deal, you should have all that information to maintain it. Which is necessary for a website management.

Do you know what are the things you need to keep in mind to manage a website? Perfect if you have thought that for a website you must first have a domain and it is necessary to have hosting.

Our website gets recognition only with the help of domain. And with the help of hosting, we are able to keep our website among the people. There are many new bloggers who do not know what things are needed for the website. And they keep making mistakes in the initial days, due to which they also remain in great loss.

If you are also a new blogger, then first of all you should know about hosting, what is hosting, what is the meaning of hosting? What is the meaning of hosting, this information is very important for you. If you have all this information then you will not have to face any kind of problem in future.

If you know how to write very good content, but you do not know how to get that content among the people, then this is your biggest mistake. In a small word, I would like to tell you that you need a web hosting to show your information among the people i.e. on the Internet. Which helps in conveying the information given by you to the people.

What is web hosting?

The files that are inside your website, such as your photos, your videos or content and other types of data, are all kept safe in a computer.

What is Web Hosting
What is Web Hosting?

Now you want all your data and content to reach the people, for this the web hosting you have taken provides your data in the internet, so that people from all over the world can come to your website and read and see the information given by you. .

The job of web hosting is to give place to everyone’s website on the Internet. Which sometimes we also call by the name of web server. This web hosting computer is connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Due to which our website remains online all the time.

And you can find many such companies that provide you the service of web hosting. Out of which there are some well-known companies about which you will know, but which one we use, today I will give you that information too.

How does web hosting work?

As an example, I want to explain this to you in a more correct way, suppose you have a computer, but you cannot keep it on for 24 hours, nor can you keep it connected to the Internet for 24 hours.

So in such a situation, you use their high power computer web server from some other company to store your data. And you also pay them its rent annually like you take a house on rent.

What is Web Hosting
How does web hosting work?

Many of you must be wondering whether we can use our computer for hosting our website. So of course you can do this but like I told you that your website will have to be connected to the internet to see the website always online in Google.

But it costs a lot to manage this type of service and its maintenance course is also very high. Which even small companies cannot handle. That’s why she buys web hosting from other companies.

Because those companies have their powerful servers available, they have their technical team and they keep updating themselves with new technology. Also, we assure you that whatever your data is, it will be completely safe.

Now you must have come to know about how hosting works, but now we will know about some of the main pictures of this, about which you should know if you are choosing a right hosting, are all these things inside it See you.

How much disk space is required? (Storage, Web Space)

We call the storage capacity of your hosting as disk space, many people also call it web space. Do you know how much disk space is required for a website? So a direct answer to this is what type of data you have.

If a lot of images, videos are used within the information given by you, then you should choose hosting with a lot of disk space. Let us understand this better by taking an example.

When you go to get a computer or laptop for yourself, then you first see everything in it, what kind of storage you are getting and how much storage you need. If you talk about today’s time, then your storage is SSD, then it is very good for you because it gives you very good speed.

Similarly, whenever you take any hosting for your website, then you should see what kind of storage they are providing you. And try as much as you can to get web hosting with unlimited web space. You can find many such companies that provide you unlimited disk space.

But if your website does not have much content then you can go with web hosting with less disk space. But I would tell you that you should choose the unlimited one first so that there is no shortage of storage inside your website and your website can run well.

What is Bandwidth and why is it important?

The more bandwidth available to you, the more beneficial it proves to be for your website. Let’s understand a little about how it works.

Whenever any visitor comes to your website, how much data the website is accessing in that second and how quickly our website shows the visitors who have accessed the data.

Many people’s website opens very slowly, the main reason for their website being slow is that they have very little bandwidth, due to which they keep losing many of their visitors.

And if the speed of your website will be slow then you will find it very difficult to rank in Google. And your position will go on decreasing gradually.

Bandwidth is the only means that can handle many visitors coming to your website at a time so that they can easily get their information from the post you have given.

What should be the uptime?

First of all we know what is Uptime and why Uptime is important. As long as your website is online and visible on the Internet, it is called Uptime.

And many times you must have seen that you try to visit some websites but that website is not able to open due to bad server of your hosting company, then at that time we count it in Downtime.

Many companies assure you that you will get 99% Uptime from their side. So whenever you take web hosting, you should get well information about that company so that you do not have to face downtime.

Customer service

While taking web hosting, you also have to keep in mind that what kind of technical support service the company from whom you are taking hosting gives you. By the way, all hosting companies say that their customer service provider is available for your service 24*7 hours.

But it is not like that at all, I have taken service for myself by many hosting companies and I have seen very few results regarding the service.

You have to keep in mind that while taking hosting. At what times do you get support and technical team from the hosting company most of the time. Has he created any forum in his website in which he tells about all the problems.

Because if the hosting company gives you all these facilities, then you can avoid future problems. I used GoDaddy in the initial days but when I used to face the problem, I had to pay the call money from my pocket to talk to them on the call, so here I got a little dissatisfied result.

But I am currently using Hostinger where I get very good response.

Types of Web Hosting

So far we have learned above what web hosting is and how it works, but now when it comes to which hosting to take, you should also know that what are the types of web hosting for the website. And which web hosting will be best for you.

By the way, there are mainly three types of web hosting, about which we will know in detail one by one.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

In shared web hosting, many people’s websites are running at a time. If you have taken a share hosting, then many people other than you will be using that share hosting.

Let us understand this as an example. You are a student and you took a PG on rent and in a room of the same PG you get another person with you who has taken that room on rent. And now both of you are using the same room.

Similarly, share hosting also happens, you are given a computer whose internal storage and RAM are being used by other people besides you at the same time.

Share hosting should be taken by those who are just starting their blog. Because it is not very expensive and does not make a huge impact on your pocket.

But as the traffic on your website starts increasing, your website will start slowing down and the website of other people who have websites in that share hosting with you will also slow down.

So you also have to note that as the traffic on your website starts increasing, you leave the share hosting and move to other hosting. So now you must have understood what is share hosting. Now know about its disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of Shared Hosting.

  • New bloggers do not face much problem in using it and it is also very easy to set up.
  • This is a great option for a small website.
  • Its price is very low, due to which many people do not like shared hosting.
  • The control panel of shared hosting is very easy and user-friendly, which is like a child’s play to use.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting.

  • If we talk about damage, whether you can be harmed inside it, then you are given very little means to access it.
  • You are sharing / using share hosting with many people at a time and due to which you also get to see fluctuations in the performance of your website many times and this is mostly available to those people whose website starts to rank. is doing.
  • In this, the guarantee of your data being secure is not so great. There is also a fear of your data being stolen from here.
  • Most of the companies encourage people to give share hosting only.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting full form (Virtual Private Servers). In VPS hosting, visualization technology is used to serve you people. In this process, a separate storage is given to you and a secure server is also given. There is no one else in this server except you, you alone are the owner of it. Let us understand this better by taking an example.

You bought yourself a flat inside a building. And in the same building, other people have also bought flats for themselves, but only you have the right in your flat, no other person from outside can come to your flat. But the building is the same, so many people can come to your building but no one can come to your flat.

Similarly, virtual private hosting service also does it with you. Here you have the advantage that your website can use as many sources as it needs.

This hosting is a bit expensive but it is also completely secure. In this you get to see performance like a dedicated server. If more than 10,000 people visit your website daily, then you should take a VPS hosting.

Advantages of VPS Hosting.

  • In this you get to see the best performance.
  • In this, you are given complete control like Dedicated Hosting, which you can use according to your own.
  • In this, you get great flexibility, with the help of which you can customize your hosting and update the memory as per your wish, change the bandwidth.
  • It works like Dedicated Hosting but not exactly like it but you will not find this server more expensive according to Dedicated Hosting. And if you see your traffic increasing and the website appears slow, then you should definitely buy vps hosting.
  • You get great privacy and security in this.
  • Also, on taking this type of server, you are supported by a very good company.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting.

  • To use vps hosting, it is very important for you to have technical knowledge. If you do not have technical knowledge about it, then you may have to face a lot of problems.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

First of all we told you you will remember share hosting. What happens inside share hosting? Many websites run inside a single server. The data of many websites is kept, but whenever it comes to dedicated servers, it is completely reversed.

Let us also understand this like an example, you have a luxurious bungalow whose owner is only you. In which you do not give permission for someone else to live in. All the responsibility of your bungalow is on you, whatever the cost is, you do it. How you handle it, it depends on you.

In the same way, the work of dedicated server also works. It is made for the use of only one website, hence it is also called dedicated server. It is the fastest among all web servers. The main reason for this is that there is no one other than you in this hosting, nor is it shared with anyone.

Inside this you can keep a lot of your data such as photo video document. This type of server is used by those people whose daily traffic comes in more than lakhs.

Dedicated servers are mostly used by e-commerce websites that have millions of traffic per day and need a good and very fast hosting server to handle them. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, Transportation use the most dedicated servers.

If you have an ecommerce website and you also have millions of people visiting every day, then you must also take a dedicated server. You can build a dedicated server in your own home. But for this you may have to spend more because the maintenance of dedicated server is very expensive.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting.

  • Here you are given a lot of control and flexibility over the server.
  • You get the highest security inside a dedicated server as compared to all hosting.
  • It remains the most stable and you will not see any kind of downtime inside it.
  • Here you or the client are provided with full root / administrative access.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting.

  • Its cost is higher than all hosting.
  • It is very important for you to have technical knowledge to run and handle it. Because if any problem comes here then you will have to call the technical person so that he can fix this problem.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is becoming very popular for some time now. It gives very good performance as compared to all other hosting and this is the reason why it is also very expensive.

The way it works is also very different from all other hosting. Many servers work together in this hosting for your website. Due to which you get to see very good performance. And your website remains very secure in it.

Let us also understand about how it works. It uses the resources of other clustered servers for itself. You can also understand it in this way that your website is running by virtual resources of another server.

 And whenever many groups of servers work together, then they are called Cloud.

This cloud hosting is used by those people who have a lot of traffic and huge data, no matter how much data you have, your website loads very fast and easily. Even if you do not get traffic of lakhs in a day.

This is the reason why cloud hosting is the most expensive, but there are many companies that provide this service at very affordable prices and also give you 1 month of free use. So that you can take their service if you like it.

So now you have understood very well about cloud hosting as well.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting.

  • You do not face any kind of server down problem here because everything is available here in your cloud.
  • No matter how much high traffic comes to you here, it handles it very easily.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

  • You are not provided with the facility of root access here.
  • Out of all the hosting we have known so far, this is the most expensive.
  • Linux vs Windows Web Hosting
  • Although you do not get to see much difference between these two, but you should still know about them very well, then once you understand these two hosting.

By the way, we mostly suggest everyone to choose Linux web hosting because it is available as a complete open source operating system. And this is the reason why it reads a little cheap too. And using them is also much easier.

But if we talk about the Windows operating system, then you get a little expensive. The main reason for getting expensive is that license key is used for windows which comes expensive. And it is also very secure.

But if you want to take a windows operating system hosting then you have to take care of all those things which are very important for your website. Like we told you above that what are the features of a hosting company in their service.

Can you host your website in your computer

Of course you can use your computer to host your website. But as we have told you above that for your website to appear online for 24 hours, your server needs to be connected to the internet and it will not have to be closed.

But we all know that for 24 hours you cannot keep your system on or connected to the internet because it costs you a lot. And if by mistake some kind of virus enters your computer and your data is deleted then your website will be closed forever.

 So always buy your hosting with a good company. Because it is the responsibility of web hosting of these companies to keep your website online for 24 hours. And you have to pay the rent for using their hosting once a year.

Where to buy web hosting from which company?

Although there are many web hosting companies available, but like I told you in the last I will tell you which hosting company Mahi study uses.

But before that you should know that whatever web hosting you are taking, the server of that hosting company should be near your country. And if you are getting any Indian company like we are from India then you must go with them once.

Because the more servers you have with your people, the better results it will give to your people. Let us know which hosting company we use.

Mahistudy has used many company’s web hosting servers. Even before this, we saw about the service of many companies, but we did not get to see the speed like Hostinger  anywhere. In the future, we will try to use more hosting companies and we will also share our information with you about them.

To get hosting for yourself by Hostinger, you can click on the button given below where you will get to see huge discounts.

Conclusion About :- What is web hosting

I hope that what is th web hosting given by us to you guys? Would have liked the information. And you must have got to learn something new. We try our best to give you all the information you need to know.

We have given you complete information about web hosting, if you feel that something is left inside it, then you can ask by commenting, we will add that information to it.

With all the information we have given to you, we hope that you will not need to go to any other website. Because we collect all the information from different places and bring it to you and try to get answers to all your questions from us in our article.

Do not forget to share the information of what is web hosting with your friends on social media so that they can also know about it. To get more such information, do not forget to save our website in your bookmarks.

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