What is GB WhatsApp : Is it safe for you or not, How it will be downloaded, know everything

What is GB WhatsApp: Users get many features on WhatsApp. Along with this, the company keeps on bringing new features from time to time. This is the reason why WhatsApp has become very popular as a messaging platform among users all over the world.

Some features have not been provided for the security of users on the most used messenger app in the world. These features are present on GB WhatsApp, the clone app of WhatsApp. Here we will tell you what is GB WhatsApp and how it can be used. Along with this, we will tell you whether it is safe to use GB WhatsApp.

What is GB WhatsApp?

What is GB WhatsApp: GB WhatsApp popular messenger app is a clone app of WhatsApp, which is based on the original app and also offers many interesting features. This type of cloned app version is also called modded app. This clone app is not official so it cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store. This app can be downloaded from third party app store. Here we are giving you information about the features of GB WhatsApp. Also Read : What is Ullu App and How to Watch Ullu Web Series for Free

Features of GB WhatsApp

What is GB WhatsApp

Send large file

Users cannot send files larger than 16MP on WhatsApp. This is the biggest drawback of WhatsApp. To share large files, users have to resort to Telegram. With the help of GB WhatsApp, users can send files up to 100MB.

Hide online and typing status

On GB WhatsApp, you get more control for privacy. In this app, there is an option to hide online status, typing status and voice recording status.

Schedule message

On GB WhatsApp, users also get an advanced option to schedule messages.


If you want to stop receiving messages on your WhatsApp for a while but internet connectivity remains on, then you can use the do-not-disturb feature of GB WhatsApp.

Read deleted messages

Users cannot read deleted messages on WhatsApp. But in GB WhatsApp, the cloned version of WhatsApp, there is an option to read the deleted messages of the sender.

High character limit in status update

In GB WhatsApp, users get more characters to update the status as compared to the original WhatsApp.

Status download

In GB WhatsApp, users get the option to download images and video posts in the status.

Send high-resolution image

With GB WhatsApp, users can send high resolution pictures. The size of the image gets compromised in the original WhatsApp.

Hide media files from photo gallery

Users on WhatsApp do not get the option to download media files from the photo gallery. But this feature is available in GB WhatsApp.

What is GB WhatsApp

Is GB WhatsApp secure?

Clone or modem apps are generally not secure. GB WhatsApp is no exception. WhatsApp has a strict policy to ban cloned and modded app users. If the messages of GB WhatsApp are not end-to-end encrypted, then it is dangerous for the personal security of the users.

Along with this, ads are also sent to the users in GB WhatsApp. This app is not listed on Google Play Store so download it should be avoided. Despite this, if you want to use GB WhatsApp, then we will tell you how this app can be downloaded.

How to download GB WhatsApp

Step 1: Go to the browser of the smartphone and search for GB WhatsApp apk. Here you will find many links, you can download the updated version with good reviews.

Step 2: After downloading the APK file, install this APK file.

Step 3: To install this file, you will see the message that the security certificate has expired in the phone. Complete the app installation process.

Step 4: After the installation process is complete, sign in to GB WhatsApp with mobile number.

What is GB WhatsApp

Are GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp the same app?

GB WhatsApp is a clone of the original WhatsApp. Which is based on the code of the Origin app. That is, both GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp are different apps.

Is GB WhatsApp secure?

No GB WhatsApp is not safe to use. Messages sent through GB WhatsApp are not end-to-end encrypted. In such a situation, it can be dangerous for your data privacy.

Can  WhatsApp ban for using GB WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp has a policy to temporarily and permanently ban users from its platform using modded or cloned apps. If WhatsApp comes to know that you are using GB WhatsApp, then you can be banned from its platform.

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