Wells Adams Celebrates Fiancée Sarah Hyland's Love Island Hosting Gig: 'She Looks Fine!'

Wells Adams is one excited future life partner!

The radio personality as the anchor of his fiancée Sarah Hyland's Love Island on Tuesday

Celebrated the new status on Peacock by uploading videos of himself to his Instagram story.

check that out; She's looking fine, dang! When recording Hyland's speech for his first appearance on the show, the 38-year-old said Adams.

Adams praised Hyland's posing abilities on the second clip, saying "walking and talking."

Actress and comedian Ariel Vandenberg hosted Love Island USA for its first three seasons,

Before being replaced by Hyland, 31, who made the announcement on Instagram in June.

The Modern Family star spoke candidly about her upcoming wedding to Adams on Wednesday

And about married life she was looking forward to most.

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