Warriors' Draymond Green, Hazel Renee celebrate wedding weekend

Several NBA teammates, including Damien Lillard and Green, flew in for Saturday night's wedding

and shared several Instagram posts of herself flying with friends, family and loved ones.

Steph Curry's sister Sydelle Curry-Lee also uploaded a photo of a vibrant pink party online.

#forverseeinggreen then appeared in some social media postings on Sunday morning.

Although there are no official wedding photos yet,

On Saturday, Essence published Green and Renee's engagement photos.

Renee revealed that the couple met when they were student-athletes in a theatrical spread at Michigan State,

Which was shot at Stone Mountain Estates in Malibu.

We were both athletes and in the same theater class, she recalled Essence.

"Naturally we were attracted to each other for group projects because we were already familiar with each other."

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