Taylor Swift Joins HAIM On Stage For Surprise Performance Of ‘Love Story’ In London

Taylor Swift makes an appearance during the London HAIM concert!

At her concert in London on Thursday, July 21, the singer, 32, and her friends Este, 35, Danielle, 32, and Alana, 30, took the stage together.

He performed "Gasoline" in the band's collaboration with Taylor at the famous O2 Arena,

 Also a small excerpt from their timeless song "Love Story".

The Grammy-winning singer rarely sings live these days, but she said it was "amazing" to be back on stage.

"It's been a very long time since I performed on stage.

She spoke to the screaming crowd, "This is wonderful... great, this is really cool.

When I heard my girls were playing at The O2 in London, I thought, I'll have to see this.

And it looks like there are about 20,000 other people who thought so too,” Taylor shared.

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