Taika Waititi abruptly ends interview when asked about wedding

Taika Waititi quickly ended an interview on UK morning television when asked about rumours of upcoming nuptials with singer Rita Ora.

On Monday, host Phillip Schofield asked the Kiwi director about prospective wedding plans

 while he appeared on ITV's This Morning to promote his upcoming film Lightyear alongside Chris Evans.

"Well, we've congratulated Chris on his birthday... so Taika are there wedding bells?" Schofield probed.

Waititi avoided the question as best he could.

"You can congratulate me! It's in August! Let's talk about my birthday!"

He then pretended to have earpiece issues, which had been a running gag throughout the interview.

"What? Sorry, you're breaking up, nope, gone!" he joked tossing the earpiece out effectively ending the interview.

The awkward moment comes after UK media last week reported that Waititi and Ora are planning a "low-key, intimate ceremony" sometime in 2022.

The couple have remained tight-lipped over the rumours.

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