Sheamus serves as Honorary Starter for NASCAR race in Nashville

Today's NASCAR race in Nashville included WWE Superstar Sheamus as the "Honorary Starter."

At today's NASCAR Allies 400 in Nashville, Tennessee, The Celtic Warriors made an appearance.

On July 30, Nissan Stadium will host SummerSlam, bringing the WWE back to Music City.

At Nashville Superspeedway today, he made an appearance and waved the starting gun.

Eric Moses, president of Nashville Superspeedway, expressed his excitement about the WWE star's appearance at the race in an interview with The Tennessee earlier this month.

In order to promote being an honorary starter for the marathon, the former WWE Champion recently joined NBC Sports.

He asserted that there is a significant fan base overlap between NASCAR and WWE.

He claimed to have participated in a number of NASCAR races and expressed gratitude to the league for how they had treated him.

He was questioned about the actions that NASCAR race car drivers have to be prepared to take in the case of a brawl on the track.

Of course, he proposed his last action

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