Safaree & Kimbella Private Video Leaked, Fans Point To Erica Mena

Safari and his alleged girlfriend Kimbella Matos are considering damage control after a purported video of him leaked online.

Some fans are accusing Erica Mena of being responsible for the leak.

Due to his open conflict with his ex-wife Erica Mena, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and Kimbella have been frequently featured in the media lately.

Mena attacks Safari Samuels for dating Matos,

While they were still married in June, called her a "prostitute".

Safari and Kimbella are facing a leaked video almost two months later.

It is unclear how Twitter users got access to footage of the pair getting inside.

Only seconds of this were shown by an account on Twitter,

 Which directed fans to get the full video in their paid Patreon account.

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