R Kelly's fiancée Joycelyn Savage says she is pregnant with their baby

R. Her fiancée Joycelyn Savage claims she is carrying the 55-year-old singer's child, despite the denials of Kelly's legal team.

Savage tells ET about her ultrasound and tells that she is five months pregnant with a daughter. "I'm very excited," she says.

Despite the possibility of her becoming pregnant, R. Kelly's attorney Jennifer Bonzen told TMZ,

Savage, 26, claims that "her lawyer didn't know that Robert and I were doing IVF, before she went to jail when I was informed I could not have a child".

 In response to Jennifer Bonzen of Kelly's legal team! That Savage isn't expecting the singer's baby.

"When he was sent to jail, we stopped at him," Savage told ET. "I kept my eggs frozen until they were ready."

 "Knowing the truth, her lawyer urged me to have an abortion because she didn't think the 30-year term was the right time for me to start a family.

For a very long time, Robert and I have been wishing for a child. While her lawyer is not happy, she is.

She didn't want me to announce the news when I informed her I was going to have the baby, but I was eager to do so.

Before he hired this new lawyer, I was always here for him."

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