R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years for sex trafficking and racketeering

R. Kelly, a former R&B singer, was given a 30-year jail term on Wednesday for racketeering and sex trafficking, 

 charges that were brought against him after almost 30 years of claims that he had abused both women and children sexually and physically.

Kelly, a hitmaker who won several Grammy Awards and delivered top-charting music while avoiding

 sexual misconduct claims for decades, has experienced a remarkable fall from grace.

 His is one of the most well-known instances to result from the #MeToo movement, 

 and the sentence imposed in a federal court in Brooklyn is among the heaviest since the movement's inception. 

Harvey Weinstein, a film producer, received a 23-year sentence for criminal rape, and earlier this week, 

Ghislaine Maxwell was given a 20-year term for assisting billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in the sex trafficking of minors.

Former live-in girlfriends and coworkers portrayed Kelly as a celebrity who exploited his fame, fortune,

and influence to dominate and sexually abuse women during his 2021 trial.

The singer's devoted followers, who had called him the "King of R&B" 

and maintained his music at the top of the charts, were put to the test by the growing claims against him.

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