Natalie Portman Was Forced To Grow Nearly A Foot For Thor: Love And Thunder

We can't wait to watch Natalie Portman in Thor: Love and Thunder as Jane Foster, aka The Mighty Thor, as she is now preparing for her MCU homecoming. 

But there's a reason why that figure is referred to be "mighty." That meant that Portman had to expand significantly given the character's six-foot height. 

The amount? Well, just enough to give her a magnificent appearance as she walked next to Thor Odinson.

The actress remarked on how the team had been able to give her a somewhat more imposing appearance.

 We'd act out the scenario, they'd see the way, then they'd construct a path that was maybe one foot above the ground or something, and I would simply walk on it, says Portman.

It's a great idea to construct a platform for Natalie Portman to walk on to give the impression that she is the same height as Hemsworth. 

 It seems natural that production had to come up with a means for Portman to see considerably larger than she was as Mjolnir is also designed to "transform" its owner. 

She appeared to have gained some muscular weight in the trailers, too. She seems toned, whether or not that was created using CGI. 

But once more, that is in keeping with the alleged Viking heritage of the persona holding the powerful hammer.

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