Magic: The Gathering – Dominaria United Might Be A Fake Expansion

The Wizard of the Coast's top collectible trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, has always been clever with its marketing inventions.

Wizards are familiar with this work, having used the prerelease draw-in as a major selling feature for new sets from their early gimmicks.

(such as rendering the wrath of God in the original image for the "planshifting" Damation when giving the initial description for the planar. Chaos).

 Dominaria United, their most recent upcoming album, sounds great too. To be honest, maybe a touch too luxurious.

Is this setup a front for some sneaker? let me check it out!

We have reason to believe that Dominaria United may in fact not exist,

But a front could be formed for a different set. Before the readers get to know everything "Okay,

Josh, they have to release Dominaria United! All store sites have packaging information!",

 Let me introduce you to a set called Mirodin Pure.

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