Madonna passionately kisses two women on her 64th birthday in Italy

He had us believe it was 2003 again.

When Madonna shared a video of herself French kissing two friends in the back of a car,

So it was reminiscent of their famous on-stage VMA kiss.

He captioned the video of the group celebrating their 64th birthday in Italy, "Birthday kissing with the bitch next to me."

The "Like a Virgin" singer looked stunning in a blue and white maxi dress with free waves in her bleached blonde hair.

She accessorised with a blue cap, matching blue shoes and a plethora of silver necklaces.

In another scene in the video, Madonna dances in her summer outfit with Guy O'Seri, her manager and other friends before jumping into the car.

It comes a day after she shared a photo celebrating the birthday of a fellow Leo: his eldest son, Rocco.

The singer took to Instagram on Monday to offer fans her lavish 22nd birthday party in Italy.

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