Luke Bryan clears up questions about broken finger after his wife's post

Luke Bryan wants to reassure everyone that his finger was not broken on the roller coaster.

American Idol judge had to respond after his wife Caroline said on Instagram

that he had twisted his ankle and that one of Brian's fingers was fractured.

Brian sternly informed Instagram in a video that "I didn't break my finger and I didn't break my finger in a roller coaster park."

 I don't have a fracture in my finger. Please stop saying it's broken.

All this suggests that a man may have broken his finger at a theme park with roller coasters,

However we cannot prove it. Conflicting reports claim that Luke Bryan's finger was fractured during the theme park roller coaster.

Some media sites published a story on the person's harsh rebuke.

However, it probably wasn't that angry, especially after a day at Cedar Point.

Concerns were also expressed over the state of his performance at Kubiak Farms in Fowlerville, Michigan.

However, you cannot be sure about those damaged digits.

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