Love and Relationship Horoscope for December 18, 2022

Your partnership requires an honest assessment today about where it is headed. To improve your relationship prospects, try being more direct about your feelings.


It's a good day to tell your significant other how you really feel. It's preferable to express your emotions via text or phone call if you don't have the nerve to do so face-to-face.


It's possible that nostalgia for a prior love has you thinking wistful and sentimental today.


Your lover will be able to easily persuade you to take a romantic excursion today.


There's a chance that some of your most important connections will take a surprising turn today.


Today, you and your significant other can have a fight or disagreement that is difficult to settle.


If you have a deep and meaningful chat with someone far away, you can make a new friend or perhaps fall in love with them.


It's possible that what happens today will change your life for the better in immeasurably significant ways.


There's a chance that today, a feeling of amazement will be infused into your relationship.


You may find your existing connection much more challenging than normal if you've been having problems with it recently.


If you're single and out there today, you could get a romantic proposal from someone you least expect.


You have experienced first-hand how love can work wonders in tense interpersonal dynamics to open lines of expression between once-separated people.


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