Love and Relationship Horoscope for August 17, 2022

Seeking counsel from your friends and family right now could do wonders for your love life.


You have a reputation for being someone who does as they are told and keeps their feelings to themselves.


When you give your beau some room to breathe, they'll appreciate it more.


You may feel compelled to accomplish your goals, and you may gain useful insights into how to accomplish it.


You may feel an intense want to engage in group activities and make meaningful connections with others today.


Make an effort to forget about the outside world and focus on creating a bond with the object of your affections when you're alone.


Couples will feel like they are on the same page and have a peaceful time in their relationship.


Make time today to consider how you may repay your partner's kindness and make them feel loved again.


It could turn out to be a good thing in the end if you and your partner end up realising how much you care for one another.


Though you shouldn't drastically alter your expectations, you should also be realistic in your search for a life companion.


There may be occasions in your relationship when you both feel like things are moving in ways you can't quite explain logically.


It's the natural progression of things once you've moved past the honeymoon phase.


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