Kate McKinnon Reveals The 2 Moments She Felt ‘Most Connected’ To ‘SNL’ Audiences

Kate McKinnon is still thinking about her decision to leave "Saturday Night Live."

The comic, which appeared on "SNL" for 11 seasons, recently revealed two examples,

When she felt "most connected" to the audience.

On Vulture's "Good One" podcast, McKinnon said, "There was one after Hillary [Clinton] lost, and I was playing 'Hallelujah' on the piano.

"I feel extremely connected and very real to the people for whom this was a terrible tragedy," the speaker said.

He mentioned one of his all-time favorite sketches on the program,

An alien kidnapping skit that featured fellow "SNL" members Eddie Bryant and Cecily Strong as well as guest Ryan Gosling,

saying, "Then I also felt more connected than ever

The time when I sketched the alien abduction."

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