Justice Stephen Breyer to officially retire Thursday at noon, swear in Ketanji Brown Jackson

On February 17, 2022, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer travels to Washington, D.C., for a function at the Library of Congress.

The seniormost justice on the liberal wing of the U.S. Supreme Court, Stephen Breyer, announced that he will officially retire at noon on Thursday. 

 The court then announced that he will swear in Ketanji Brown Jackson, his former law clerk, 

 to take his place on the bench as the first Black female justice in the country.

In a letter dated Wednesday to President Joe Biden, Breyer stated,

 "It has been my great joy to contribute as a judge in the battle to safeguard our Constitution and the Rule of Law."

Breyer's retirement fulfills the wish of Democrats who lobbied for his exit to make way for Biden's first nominee to the court.

At noon, Jackson will take the Constitutional Oath from Chief Justice John Roberts and the Judicial Oath from Justice Stephen Breyer.

The Supreme Court will now have four women sitting beside each other for the first time thanks to her appointment.

and influence to dominate and sexually abuse women during his 2021 trial.

The singer's devoted followers, who had called him the "King of R&B" 

and maintained his music at the top of the charts, were put to the test by the growing claims against him.

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