Horoscope Today, July 1, 2022

You don't need to be so heavy-handed in the approach you take with others today. Let your warmth shine through.


Don't let fear be the thing that motivates you today. If you're feeling anxious, consider doing something that helps you feel calm and grounded.


Try not to hold back or ignore what you're feeling. Talking about it, even if it's uncomfortable, will help you feel better.


Someone's negative or distracting energy might have you doubting yourself. Tune them out and tune into you.


You run the risk of being too close-minded or stubborn today. See if you can look at things from someone else's point of view.


Take care that you're not being too judgmental of someone. Try to afford them the grace or understanding that you would want to receive.


It might be time to distance yourself from someone who's being too pushy or asking too much of you. You don't have to accommodate them.


You can't be in control of everything. Let others offer their support or input. This is how you'll succeed.


Don't settle for a situation that's less than ideal or something that you're not 100% invested in. Ask for more.


Be mindful of hiding or shrinking yourself today. You'll find strength in being authentic and vulnerable.


Try to avoid making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. Check your facts or ask for clarification.


Exercise some patience and forethought today. Trying to rush things or force something to happen can make a situation worse.


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