From the Dobie to Infinity ... and Beyond!

Stephanie Martinez-Arndt didn't exactly need to go to infinity or beyond to enjoy a cosmic experience when she first saw Buzz Lightyear on a huge screen.

She watched the first two Toy Story movies in her childhood home in Austin, right off Red River,

where Buzz and Woody toys were all over the house and her family was a big fan of Disney and Pixar. She and her brother,

however, were both off for college in 2010, so they made the decision to take the family to watch Toy Story 3 at the former Dobie Theatre on the Drag.

Everyone was maturing, and the venue was a vintage Austin theatre where we used to celebrate birthdays, the woman stated.

As a member of the production team for Lightyear, the new sort of prequel to the popular animation franchise, she is now a part of the narrative of everyone's favourite space ranger.

She claimed, "I knew from an early age I wanted to be in entertainment," but her route wasn't exactly straightforward.

The native of Austin initially enrolled in college without declaring a major and attempted to transfer to the communications programme, but that didn't work out.

"I found my way into history by trial and error, and it ended up being perfect because I loved everything about [it]

and learned more from history about the world around me and how to interact with it than I would otherwise," the student said.

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