Forgetting history will take us back to old times, warns Kamal Haasan

Actor and politician Kamal Haasan on Sunday sent Happy Independence Day wishes to all his fellow Indians

And cautioned that history has taught us that ignoring the lessons of the past can lead to a return to the past.

In a tweet shared in Tamil, the actor wrote, "My warmest wishes to every Indian celebrating India's 75th Independence Day."

Then he remembered an incident that happened 25 years ago during the premiere of his much awaited film "Marudhanayagam".

According to Kamal Haasan, he presented a dialogue for the film in front of the British Queen.

Recalling his comment to the British Queen, the actor asked:

"How come you have come to believe that you can own, lease or rent by sea, air or forests?

Will you keep this tree alive over the years? So who are you? This is my nation.

I walk on my father's ashes. My son will step on my ashes tomorrow.

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