Ezra Miller and the Future of the Flash and DC Extended Universe

Ezra Miller is still scheduled to reprise his role as quick-handed superhero Barry Allen in a solo film, The Flash, on June 23, 2023.

Despite recent allegations of felony assault, and grooming.

Miller said on Monday he had "complicating mental health concerns" and was looking for help.

After a period of recent extreme crises, Miller declared in a statement, "I now recognize that I am facing significant mental health challenges and have begun to continue therapy."

 "I want to apologize to everyone that my past actions shocked or upset me.

I am determined to make the effort necessary to return to a safe, secure and productive phase of my life.

Miller has faced several charges in recent years,

These include strangling a woman, banging a chair in a way that has hit another woman in the face, and inappropriately treating young children.

 After months of silence, they decide to start therapy.

 According to reports, there were discussions within Warner Bros. whether to shelve the $200 million film aimed at connecting multiple parallel regions in the DC Extended Universe.

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