‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and Hugh Grant Reopen Hall H at Long-Delayed Comic-Con

Dungeons & Dragons from Paramount and Even was the first major studio production to appear in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con in three years.

Including swordplay, the beginning of the trailer, and a very entertaining and scene-stealing Hugh Grant making his first-ever tour of Con.

The disguised convention attendees were mesmerized by behind-the-scenes footage from the Northern Ireland set,

which stars Chris Pine, Reggae-Jean Page and Michelle Rodriguez riding horses,

He was shown battling alien creatures from the D&D universe and wearing armor.

Pine took the stage with high kicks and high-fives, followed by Rodriguez, Page, Sophia Lillis and Grant, later playing the film's villain.

The directors of Sleeper Success Game Night, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly, talked about their own experiences with the game.

To applause, Daly said, "I've been an avid player since I was 14,

When I appeared in the television program Freaks and Geeks. Anyone who plays D&D,

He knows it's more than a game. This is your sensation is while playing the game.

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