Daily horoscope for June 18, 2022

Someone might put a damper on your exuberance at the moment. Money-savvy Venus is lighting up your 2nd house, making it a little too easy to throw your cash around,


Your charm might not be enough to skate through life unscathed at this time. Venus in your sign is giving you an extra dose of allure,


Your daydreams could carry you dangerously far if you don't try to rein them in. Venus in your subconscious realm is bumping up against Saturn in your expansion sector,


You might find yourself feeling pulled in two directions throughout the day. Venus is in your outgoing 11th house, making it the perfect time to connect with friends.


All your ambitions could get waylaid by a nay-sayer today. You've got your sights set high while Venus tours your public 10th House of Honors and Goals,


Flying free and forgetting about any current duties may sound enticing right now. That said, even though Venus in your travel sector is showing you how big the world is,


There's a special space for intimacy today -- provided your expectations don't get in the way. With Venus moving through your intense 8th house


Family obligations may get in the way of more exciting adventures. There's a lovely spark in your partnership sector thanks to Venus gliding through this territory


Any pleasant and productive plans you may have for the day are unfortunately likely to get waylaid by other people. With Venus in your routine sector


Having fun is probably at the top of your priorities, until you remember you can't just throw caution to the wind.


It's too easy to be your own toughest critic at the moment. Venus is hunkered down in your comfort-loving 4th house,


Something that seems simple at first glance could turn out to be more complicated than you originally realized. Venus is in your outgoing 3rd house


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