co-star Rebel Wilson amid reports she was ‘forced’ to ‘out’ herself

Matt Lucas has supported his Bridesmaids co-star Rebel Wilson following attempts by a newspaper to “out” her sexuality.

"I thought I was hunting for a Disney Prince... but maybe what I truly needed all these time was a Disney Princess,"

 the Pitch Perfect star said in an Instagram post on Thursday (9 June), after hosting the Baftas.

Wilson had been given "two days" to react on her new connection before the Sydney Morning Herald would write on it, 

according to a now-deleted Sydney Morning Herald piece.

In the piece, journalist Andrew Hornery complained that Wilson had prevented him from getting a scoop.

The item, which appeared in a section named "Private Sydney," drew much criticism, prompting Wilson to respond on Sunday (12 June) to her followers,

saying, "Thanks for your thoughts, it was a really difficult circumstance but trying to approach it with grace."

"Coming out is frequently a lengthy, terrifying journey, with many beats," said Lucas, a Little Britain actor who is acquainted with Wilson, on Twitter. 

Self-discovery, informing friends and family, and establishing a first relationship.

"I used to think that the press pressuring individuals to come out whether or not they were ready was a thing of the past. "I must have misunderstood."

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