Britney Spears Says She's 'Just Playing In The Studio' With 'Feel It Still' Dance Video

Last weekend, a new dance video of Britney Spears was uploaded to Instagram straight from the recording studio.

Spears danced in Portugal while wearing red lingerie and heels for the video. "Feel It Still," a 2017 song by The Man, features a lot of anger and hair fall.

She jokingly captioned her dancing video on Saturday, "Just doing stupid things in the studio!!!" (August 20).

Many fans expressed their happiness after watching the footage, while others said that they had previously seen this dancing video or a similar video.

Whatever the case, Spears will release new music on August 26 with "Hold Me Closer," a remake of the 1972 Tiny Dancer song by pop diva and Elton John.

"Hold Me Closer" would mark Spears' official return to music as her 13-year conservatism ended.

Check out Spears' "Feel It Still" dance routine below.

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