How 'Batgirl' Axing and James Franco's Castro Casting Expose Hollywood's Persistent Erosion of Latinos 

For Latinos in Hollywood, it was not a good week,

But I'm sure many of you already knew this.

Latinos are being ruthlessly dismissed and ignored in the entertainment industry,

As Warner Bros. canceled the release of "Batgirl" starring Leslie Grace,

 HBO Max canceled the coming-of-age comedy TV series "The Gordita Chronicles" and James.

Franco is being cast as Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in an upcoming film.

During this week's business earnings call, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav addressed the controversial "Batgirl" option, saying,

"We're not going to put out a movie until we believe in it."

Zaslav might not have been aware of how true that statement was.

In fact, Hollywood doesn't value Latino stories, actors, or emotions.

Based on how we have been treated in business so far,

 This is a reasonable assumption. It's not only what we "feel," though. Solid evidence supports this.

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