Amber Portwood 'living in a nightmare' after losing custody of son

Amber Portwood's ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon: "After Winning Custody, I'm Living Ideally"

Amber Portwood lost custody of her child and claims her 'Teen Mom' stars were 'used against her' due to her mental condition.

She Was Seen By Farah Abraham For "Family Reunion"

In her novel "Crazy," Amber Portwood discusses her battle with mental illness.

Portwood is "devastated" that her ex, Andrew Glennon, was given full custody of their 4-year-old son on Tuesday.

The "Teen Mom OG" star, 32, vented her anger on Instagram on Thursday in response to the court's ruling.

"This result has left me disappointed and devastated. The mother of two wrote on Instagram,

"I've worked very hard to improve myself and strengthen my relationships with my kids.

"While I have always been open about my past drug use and mental health problems,

I believe everyone should get a chance to put their past mistakes behind them and move on."

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