Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa are having a baby boy: ‘We weren’t expecting it!’

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Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa are having a baby boy: ‘We weren’t expecting it!’

Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa are having a baby boy

Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa will have their first child together soon!

When they got a pleasant surprise a few weeks ago, the couple had already set a date to transfer an embryo next autumn and were in the middle of IVF procedures.

Heather, 34, says it was a tremendous blow. “We just didn’t anticipate it. We had recently completed IVF. On ice, we had embryos. We had an agenda.” But as the first blow subsides, the Sailing Sunset star was overjoyed. “In my opinion, the world has given us what it was intended to be, when you least expect it and there is no stress in your life. I’m glad it turned out that way.”

The couple, who started dating in 2019 and married last October, didn’t always intend to start a family. Taylor, 11, and Brayden, 6, have already been shared by Tarek and his ex-girlfriend Christina Hall, and Heather felt satisfied in her role as Tarek’s “bonus parent.”

“Three years ago, when we initially started dating, neither of us had any intention of having kids together. I love being the extra mom to Taylor and Brayden. I love them so much And they are the most wonderful kids,” she says. But when your love for someone deepens and you spend more time with them and a life together, I begin to imagine having a baby with Tarek. I started thinking I wanted to make something up with the man I love.”

Tarek, 40, explains, “My obsession is entirely with my kids. Having another is just frosting on the cake because they’re my everything. I’m really happy.”

Heather continued, “He’s an amazing dad. It was another reason I wanted to collaborate with him on something. He seems so enamored with Taylor and Brayden when I see him with him. And that’s it.” What a wonderful, dedicated father. I look forward to seeing him hold our baby.”

The good news was announced a few weeks ago, and the couple, who are now filming their new HGTV documentary The Flipping El Mousas, are expecting in early 2019.

“I just felt this weird, and I was like, she has to take a pregnancy test right away,” says Tarek, who was at a Zoom conference the day he learned. Tarek “went back to work and completely forgot about it” when Heather let him move on.

Heather completed two exams. She remembers that “the two had come out.” “Oh, I must have done it wrong,” I replied. Things changed at home after Tarek left for his career.

He completed another exam. “I was sorting through my wardrobe. It wasn’t until after about 20 minutes that I realized, “Oh, the pregnancy test,” I was busy with other things. When I went to see, I saw that it was “complete.” Kind of pregnant.” When Heather she broadcast the news with her assistant, she screamed, scaring her, causing her to cry with joy.

“I completed two additional exams. Pregnant, he said right away,” she claims.

Later that day, when Tarek comes home from work, he surprises her by hiding the tests in a present box with confetti and a baby Hussey. “I thought, “I have to tell her in a charming way. I can’t just text her,” she quips.

“As I’m opening the box, I see these sticks. Are they COVID tests, I’m thinking while staring at them. Then I said, “Oh, s–!” Is that your baby? Like this We found out that he said yes.”

“I swear, it took 30 seconds to attempt to put it together,” she says, laughing. She then confirms, “It was such an exciting and relieving moment that I started crying. He was very happy. We kissed, hugged and hugged each other.”

The test to determine the sex of the baby was first completed by the couple, but the findings will be revealed during a celebration in a few weeks.

“Tarek assumes it’s a woman. I’m not quite sure. I just want a satisfied, healthy baby,” confirms Heather. “Tai and Bre are both here already, so I’ll be fine with both. However, I have a hidden desire for a younger Heather.”

Three of her Sailing Sunset co-stars, Mary Fitzgerald, Chriselle Stause and Emma Hernan, have also heard the good news. They are “very happy,” she says.

And the timing of the force majeure is ideal.

Heather said, ‘My sister is expecting her third child. “My parents had a dream that we were both expecting at the same time. It never happened to me, and the fact that it did it on its own makes it all the more unique to our family. “

Finding a new home is another important change a couple must make as their family grows. Real estate experts in Newport Beach, Calif., recently underwent a significant remodeling of their home, but they’ll now be looking for something even more family-friendly.

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