Taya Calls Out AEW Star At TripleMania XXX

In case Rey Fenix unifying the AAA Latin American and World Cruiserweight Championships in an out-of-control five-way match wasn’t wild enough,

AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie decided to make some news of her own at TripleMania XXX: Tijuana.

Following the five-way match, Taya came out unexpectedly to cut a promo in front of the Tijuana crowd about her recent success in AAA.

It was then she made a shocking challenge to a top AEW women’s star. Better yet, Taya made a challenge to the top AEW women’s star,

officially challenging AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa to come down to Mexico and fight her.

While Rosa was not at TripleMania XXX: Tijuana this evening, a video emerged on Twitter showing the AEW star watching the event at a signing.

She appeared to respond enthusiastically to the idea of facing Taya, which was confirmed by a tweet Rosa released shortly after.

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