Ricky Martin served domestic violence restraining order in Puerto Rico

Due to a restraining order that a judge in Puerto Rico has ordered for Ricky Martin, it looks that he is really "Livin' La Vida Loca."

Just a few days after the Puerto Rican singer was issued with a lawsuit by his former manager demanding more than $3 million, 

authorities were unable to find Martin and finally served him with the domestic violence restraining order on Friday.

Officials visited the singer's home in Dorado's posh area, according to police spokesperson Axel Valencia, to give him the order.

"Up until now, police haven’t been able to find him," Valencia said.

Valencia omitted to mention who made the restraining order request. Martin is not permitted to speak with the other party verbally or over the phone due to the order.

Martin and the unnamed person had a brief relationship, according to the Puerto Rican publication El Vocero, and they split up two months ago.

Since 2017, Martin has been wed to Swedish painter Jwan Yosef.

The publication claims that Martin did not consent to the split and has at least three instances of loitering close to the residence of the other party.

El Vocero stated that "the petitioner fears for his safety."

The injunction won't be removed until a judge holds a hearing later to decide whether or not it should be

Restraining orders, according to Valencia, often last for at least a month.

The restraining order is the most recent legal issue Martin has had. His former manager, Rebecca Drucker, 

revealed last week that she was suing Martin on the grounds that she was due unpaid commissions totaling millions of dollars.

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