Julia Roberts reveals how she prepared to play Martha Mitchell in Lionsgate Play's Gaslit

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn-starrer Gaslit, a modern-day tale on a controversial Watergate scandal, will premiere on Lionsgate Play from April 25.

Directed by Matt Ross, the series also stars Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin and Shea Whigham. 

Julia Roberts revealed that she 'spent a lot of time researching Martha' before she began shooting for the series.

On playing Martha in Gaslit, Julia Roberts said, "I think it's always a balancing act to show a person all sides."

Julia Roberts spoke on her look at Gaslit, saying, "It was a real team effort, and it took a long time to create the look.

We had a lot of great photos to reference. I think Terry Owen made an incredible wig." Magic done, Jean Black with makeup and the tools I wear on the inside of my mouth,

and the great Susie DeSanto, who has incredible eyes and was very true to how we wanted Martha to look.

It was a lot of work, but it That it's incredibly fun to cook.``

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