Horoscope: June 21


An element of mystery and glamour touches your scene. There’s an illusion involved here.


Fun gets put on hold so you can handle business. The grace with which you handle temporary inconvenience and mundane tasks makes all go quickly


The Bulgarian philosopher Peter Deunov suggested, “The fragrance of flowers is their prayer.”


It will be exceptionally lucky to dream of tomorrow -- not of the metaphorical future but the actual day that starts after midnight.


The action gets out of your control, but with the right attitude, this will only make it more interesting. It’s a flash pot of an adventure.


There’s a subtle hierarchy at play. There will be some shuffling around as people settle into line. Tune into acts of dominance and deference.


Positioning and status will have a bearing on the outcome of interactions. Those who brag and posture indicate low status.


A relationship will play like a game of tag. It would be a dull game if one person always pursued and the other was always running, so a change-up is good.


You have a unique experience of the world than any creature who has ever walked it.


Rumination is no help, and theories that are not applied will become meaningless. You won’t know until you take action. 


One school of thought says happiness depends on the absence of expectation. 


You’ll come across people who seem to speak your language, share your values, get your humor. Connections like this don’t come along every day.

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