Horoscope: June 19


Follow your heart. Revisit how you want to live or earn money, then tweak your situation to suit your needs. Don’t limit what you can do because someone complains.


Emotions will flare up if someone pressures you. Rethink your plans.


Take care of unfinished business and prepare for your next endeavor. Weigh the pros and cons and suggestions others make before you jump into something new. Draw up a timeline for your plan.


Making assumptions or overreacting will not go well. Push forward with an open mind and use your imagination to develop solutions.


Stick to what you need to accomplish. Inconsistency will not go over well when dealing with others. Make friends, relatives, traveling and socializing your priorities.


Make a focused effort to bring about change. Consider the pros and cons of each option that comes your way, and change only what’s necessary and feels right to you.


Tie up loose ends. Prioritize what’s important and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Take responsibility for your happiness and do things that put a smile on your face.


Align yourself with like-minded people. Discuss concerns and develop plans that will help you solve problems. You will get your way if you show passion, strength and courage.


Don’t trust your emotions to lead you in the right direction. Gullibility will lead to vulnerability. Step outside your comfort zone if that’s what it takes to normalize your life.


Do your best to lower overhead without sacrificing your comfort or convenience. 


Take care of yourself. Stick close to home and use your time to carry out improvements that make your life easier and your relationships better. Keep the peace.


Emotions will surface if you share sensitive information. Make positive changes before someone complains or criticizes you.

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