Hailey Bieber Says She Struggles With Imposter Syndrome

While Hailey Bieber may appear to have it all together owing to the recent launch of her much-anticipated skincare line

and the presence of her loving husband Justin Bieber at home, the supermodel acknowledged in a recent interview that she battles with self-doubt and thoughts of ineptitude.

"Having been married for over four years, I feel mature in many respects. In an interview with Byrdie, Hailey remarked,

"I'm happy than I've ever been, but I still have times where I feel uncomfortable and like I don't fit anyplace."

"I have the impression that people don't take me seriously, despite the fact that this is a fascinating field." Sometimes I feel as though I'm in a game."

While Hailey tries to manage her emotions via a variety of methods, including exercise, she has lately had to slow down owing to a mini-stroke she received in March.

In April, she shared an emotional 12-minute YouTube video about the symptoms that led physicians to find she had a hole in her heart

"It's taking a bit longer for my body to recuperate than they expected," she admits

"I'm always the person who is in a rush to go back to things after the heart treatment, but this has shown me that it's not always physically possible."

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