Chiefs’ win over Broncos ends with rare final score the NFL hasn’t seen in nearly 100 years

The Chiefs’ victory against the Broncos on Thursday night marked the first occurrence in nearly a century where an NFL game concluded with a final score of 19-8. This score is quite unusual, and prior to Thursday, it had only been recorded once in the entire history of the NFL.

That singular instance took place way back in 1927 when the New York Yankees triumphed over the Buffalo Bison. Now, the intriguing twist here is that the Yankees’ win against the Bison unfolded on October 12, precisely 96 years before the Chiefs’ victory over the Broncos, which also happened on the same date, October 12.

Just take a moment to let this sink in: There have been only two instances in the entire history of the NFL where a game concluded with a final score of 19-8, and astonishingly, both of these games were played on the very same date but 96 years apart. This mind-boggling fact is so incredibly rare that it almost compensates for the absence of what we call “scorigami” on Thursday night, a phenomenon where an NFL final score occurs for the first time ever.

Flashback to the year 1927, when a series of quite extraordinary events had to unfold for the game to culminate with a final score of 19-8. The New York Yankees, in that historic game, managed to secure three touchdowns, one of which was brilliantly executed by Pro Football Hall of Famer Red Grange. However, they faltered on two extra-point attempts, leaving them with 19 points in total.

On the other side, the Buffalo Bison pulled off a safety in the second quarter, followed by a touchdown in the fourth. Yet, much like their counterparts, they too struggled with the extra point, capping their score at eight points.

Now, contrast this with the game on Thursday night, where the kicking game was remarkably different from the 1927 showdown. Harrison Butker, the Chiefs’ kicker, played a substantial role in helping Kansas City reach a score of 19. Butker nailed four field goals during the night, which notably included a 60-yard kick just before halftime. The Chiefs also notched a touchdown courtesy of Kadarius Toney in the second quarter, and when you add Butker’s extra point to the mix, it explains how they reached a total of 19 points.

As for the Broncos, their lone touchdown of the game came from a sensational 11-yard catch by Courtland Sutton in the thrilling fourth quarter.

As the Chiefs maintained a 16-0 lead, the Broncos found themselves in a position where they had no choice but to go for a two-point conversion, and they successfully executed it, thanks to a run by Javonte Williams. With a mere two minutes remaining in the game, the score stood at 16-8. However, the dynamic changed drastically when Harrison Butker, Kansas City’s kicker, launched a spectacular 52-yard field goal immediately after the two-minute warning, altering the score to 19-8.

It’s interesting to note that every time the Broncos take the field, their style of play often evokes a sense of football reminiscent of a bygone era, perhaps akin to the game that culminated with a final score not witnessed in almost a century.

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