Best Merry Christmas Wishes 2022

Best Merry Christmas Wishes 2022 : The festival of Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December all over the world. Lord Isha Masih (Jesus) was born on this day. For this reason, every year on his birthday, this festival is celebrated with great pomp.

On the day of Christmas, everyone says Happy Christmas to each other and also wishes Christmas to their loved ones.

In today’s post, we have brought Christmas Wishes in Hindi for you, which you can send to your friends, relatives etc. on this occasion.

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Best Merry Christmas Wishes 2022

Someone will come as an angel,

Will fulfill all your hopes,

On this auspicious day of Christmas,

He will give you a lot of happiness as a gift.

Happy Christmas

Whatever dreams you have in your eyes,

Whatever desires are hidden in the heart,

May everything come true this Christmas,

This is our best wish for you on Christmas.

Happy Christmas

Christmas is love, Christmas is joy,

Christmas is enthusiasm, Christmas is new enthusiasm,

Merry Christmas to all of you.

I am not sending the card

I am not sending any flowers,

I only sincerely love you,

Christmas and New Years,

Sending best wishes

Merry Christmas

What should I ask God for you,

May happiness always be your way,

May the smile remain on your face like this,

The way fragrance plays with flowers.

Happy Christmas

May this Christmas bring lots of happiness,

Remove all discrimination and unite loved ones with loved ones.

May evil be destroyed, may Lord Jesus reside in everyone’s heart.

Merry Christmas

May there be love for everyone in everyone’s heart,

May every day to come bring a festival of happiness,

Come with this hope forgetting all the sorrows,

Let us all welcome Christmas.

This lovely Christmas festival,

Bring immense happiness in your life,

Santa Clause gives many gifts,

Please accept our best wishes.

Merry Christmas

On the holy feast of Lord Jesus, Merry Christmas to all of you,

Follow the holy path of God, he is always with you.

merry christmas

The moon has spread its moonlight,

And the stars have decorated the sky,

Taking the gift of peace and love,

Look, an angel has come from heaven.

May no wish remain unfulfilled,

No dream remains incomplete,

May Christmas bring you so much happiness,

May every dream of your heart be fulfilled.

Here comes what you were waiting for

Say it all together my friend

Christmas spring came in December,

Happy Christmas to you my friend.

Twinkling stars,

all covered in the sky,

He says loudly

Celebrate Christmas loudly everyone.

There is Christmas in every moment of friendship,

This world of friendship is crazy,

Life is useless without friends,

There is spring in life only with friends.

Happy Christmas

I am not sending the card

I am not sending any flowers,

Only sincerely to you,

Sending you Christmas wishes.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Gifts,

Accept from us

You get thousands of happiness.

a very merry christmas

happy mary christmas

Christmas cheer and excitement,

always your life

Be filled with happiness.

Merry Christmas

May you get many gifts this Christmas,

Love of loved ones with happiness,

Have a great year ahead,

Happy Christmas to you.

merry christmas

Where will you go this time

You will be bound in the gift,

because we asked you from santa

See, you will come to our house as a gift.

Merry Christmas


Friends, in this post we have told you about Christmas Wishes. We hope you enjoy these Christmas messages.

How did you like this Christmas message in Hindi, do tell us by commenting and do share this post with your friends.

Thank you 🙏

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